a walking piece

started out from a longing to explore the physical

relationship between my body and its surroundings,

The idea that my body capsule is my meassuring-tool of how I perceive reality.
Together with my senses I will always trust in this relationship.
Looking at how science has redefined our world so many times in the last centuries
but my inner reality is still locked into , defined in speech as in sunrise sunset.
Body defines space.

Senses can only process that amount of information ?
This made me think that there is an illusion in progress of having more of life,

an obssesion of these times ?

- like the fear of living with a time limit our culture is striving to have more life

but ends up having less ?
Or the sum is contstant ?

I was interested in the concept of how memory is recorded in the landscape,

after the first weeks following forest paths, it was a world that opened up of realizing how the contemporary man is very rarely outside of the asphalt borders, we met the odd mushroom picker or hunter and as always the first sign of coming closer a settled area _ a jogger !

Our movements following water

On starting out I was thrilled at the thought of spending a year outdoors, but I soon came to realize how your focus is right in front of you where you put your foot down and how all your attention is gravitating toward focus on your breath, I became mesmarized
by that rhythm, and moved into a feeling of the hamster spinning its wheel like we were spinning the earth- if all beings stopped will it stop spinning ?

the thought of how I leave a trail through my movements is something that became very obvious in the moving when we were very dependent on the kondness of others, in terms of directions, water and food security etc

while moving through the Carpathians in Ukraina we had a near death experience being caught by a flash flood in our tent ,just managed to get out wading through waist high water
seeing massive tree trunks floating by

the thought had crept up on me how in these movements through unknown land I was still stuck inside this head, my senses received information that my mind processed
and interpertrated and that became my experience , the more firm this process became the more pointless the outward movement became, and I realize that the essence of what interested me could be done in a still way this is what lead me to wanting to continue the walk as the sitting.



An experiencce where you get a strong sense of the body as a vessel, the awereness of how youfill your water bottle in place A, and then an hour later expell it down the road., it becomes a feeling of filtering the land and liquid of the surroundings, so traveling not with your eyes but with your whole body

Leaving a trail this drawing in time made by the bodies makes a reflection on my life today, how we create our own reality, wether it is a walk across europe or a walk around the block ? dsomeone said that the word eye comes from a hebrew word that has the same root as the word fountain, meaning that it is not a tool for perception but a tool for projection