the tree

3 channel video installation - 56 minutes loop

" I grew up in a city - an environment constructed by humans,
all that my senses registered had been filtered through the human intellect.
This experience gave me a warped sense of REALITY that was reinforced
by living in a time and a culture that celebrates an anthropocentric perspective.

The second part of my life, I kept this body surrounded by organic nature,
were the information read by my senses follow different patterns and rythms,

without obvious borders between organisms, and a different sense of time
(cyclic, eternal) compared to the city.

My intellect has made it clear that this body is an insignificant part of this
wonderous system and the illusion of my seperation is only because of language.

This film is an attempt at atonement,
to merge two views of my being,
as being a biological process ( body, nature ),
and being an intellectual being (mind, thought, will).

To try to see my own movements in the same cyclical process that
permeates NATURE, as a series of simplified symbols of intellect
in realtion to the rythm of nature.




installation view from Uppsala Konst Museum

photograph by Trish Littöer