a walking piece

moving down a forest path
a world opens up
ancestors traces abundance
yet few hu_mans stray
from asphalt spheres
where layer upon layer
of geological formations
sing the ancients memory
fortified landscapes pockmarked by war
ground broken for treasure
soil tilled and tilled until
it reads like book
sometimes brutal always poetic
tales about how life is made out of life
a song about how forms made out of forms
make new forms
cosmic dance - the eternal juggler

vessel moves fast or slow
signal always constant
these crude senses
built for needs of ancient forms
an echo we carry within reflected without
beyond body idea of progress lies?
striving for more - ends up having less
sum always same
in the mesaure of life
even emptiness reads full
so explore physical relations
between body and surrounding
this fleshy capsule as stick to measure
an idea called the real
an embodied encounter
sprinkled with code from senses
a marriage of synapses
is a frail fundament for being
history of mind redefine  world
again and again
but inner experience tainted by vessel
reinforced by language
so hard to shake

footprints pattern a map
mirrors how rivers flow
body becomes vessel
here - drink your fill
there - down that road
let it flow
filter the land through your insides
intestine travel
not for your eyes alone
but through your whole interior
leaves a trail
body becomes pencil
make a drawing
that only exist in time

a thrill in the thought
being under open sky
soon to realize
focus close at hand
where you put your next foot down
attention gravitates
towards pendulum of breath
mesmerized by rhythm
walk upon this earth
like the hamster
spins the wheel

through unknown lands
awareness persist
being chained to this head
where senses receive
mind process
experience unfolds
outward movement comes to a halt
essence of  journey
is travel through time

so let us now sit still
let the world pass by