a walking piece


on foot with Trish Littler from Vendel Sweden to Odessa Ukraine

- out of a longing to work with the formless


- to make a line where the body is the pencil - a drawing that only exist in time


- explore how collective memory is recorded in the landscape


- our path a way to link places that have a strong historic charge and other symbolic value


- reading the landscape as a story with our whole bodies rather than with eyes and mind


- feet touching the ground, through intake of food and water
the walk becomes a filtering of the landscape through the bowels of our bodies


- how the concepts of time and space, change with the slowness of our movements



Senses can only process that amount of information
no matter how fast I move, the signal is constant ?
How does this relate to the idea of human progress ?

a culture that is striving for more ends up having less ?
- the sum is contstant ?


to explore the physical relationship between my body and its surroundings
how my body-capsule is the meassure of how I perceive so called reality.

- together with my senses, can I trust these relationships ?
Looking at how science has redefined our world so many times in the last centuries
But my inner reality is still locked into, defined in speech as in sunrise sunset.




following a forest paths
a world opens up
realizing how hu_man is rarely seen outside of the asphalt sphere
but traces from our ancestors are plenty
from geological formations to fortifications
landscape pockmarked by war
soil has been tilled
resources broken from the ground
the land read like book
sometimes poetic
sometimes brutal
life made out of life
forms made out of forms
cosmic dance as a juggler of atoms



seeing how our paths on a map
was as the rivers flow

the body as a vessel
you fill the water bottle in a place
an hour later expell it down the road
filtering the land and liquid of the surroundings,
traveling not with your eyes alone
but with your whole body

leaving this trail
this drawing in time made by the body
reminded of how we create our own reality
as a walk across europe or a walk around the block ?

someone said that the word eye comes from a hebrew word
that has the same root as the word fountain
meaning that it is not a tool for perception but a tool for projection.


thrilled by the thought of spending a year out in the open
but soon came to realize how your focus is right in front of you
where you put your next foot down
- how all attention is gravitating towards your breath
mesmerized by the rhythm
like a hamster spinning its wheel
so we were spinning the earth


the thought crept up on me
movements through unknown lands I was
still stuck inside this head
senses received information
processed by mind
became experience

the more firm these thoughts became
the more pointless the outward movement seemed,

the essence of what interested me could be done in a still way
this became the start of the sitting project