22 minutes video loop 2013-15

After spending 3 years on my previous project The Tree,

a work that had a very rigid process due to its collage/puzzle structure ,
I felt a longing to work more loose,
no structure,  just trust the flow of images as guide,
stay away from words,

look at these moving images as its own language.


As a starting point I had one of these wonderful experiences,
melting into the forest floor,

where your sense of self/ body started to drift further further away  from the borders of my skin,
I tried to hold on to this sense of self (or no self ?).

It made me wonder if  this is a logic step in
the evolution of human consciousness ?

Looking at the problematic relationship,
Hu-Man to Hu-Man relations
compared to
Hu-Man to non Hu-Man
Hu-Man to Nature.

How to make platforms/experiences that encourage
this wider sense of identity ?

This was a starting point and the title
(sanskrit=the great dissolution).

gb 2015