in 1966 this human body was born
it was given the name Gustaf Broms
this concept now exists in a place called sweden

to use the time in this predicament
as a way to explore the nature of consciousness

trying to make a translation from the flow of life
into a condensed symbol
a tool for understanding - a tool for exploration

spending the last few years looking into the dualistic concept of “I”
in terms of association with the idea of BEING NATURE
as the actual biological process this body goes through
and BEING MIND - the intellectualization of this process

started out using physical materials
photography - installations for this exploration
two works in particular led me towards a more formless process

in 1993 I burnt all my works and realized how the intensity of the action
and the remaining ash by far outdid anything I had previously made

in 2005 after the work “5 faiths for a brave new world”
with objects that became physically too heavy for this body to move

these two experiences created a longing to explore the FORMLESS
and led to the project “ a walking piece” with Trish Littler
a walk from Vendel to Odessa - a drawing that only exists in time

during the walk it became very clear to me that my experience
was a reflection of my thoughts and attitudes
rather than what my senses registered

I became interested in the use of my own body
as the tool for looking at these processes
inner - outer
stillness - movement
form - emptiness

This led to the work “the sitting”
where I put my body in sitting position
at the central station in Stockholm during rush hour for a year
as an evolution of the walk

Since 2009 I live in the forest of Vendel
and work on a series of movements that explores

are not merging with the dancing atoms surrounding it ?