Homar Performance Festival in Khorramabad Iran


images by Sepher Goodarzi


Homage TO Homar

to try to reduce the infinity that still E X I S T
in the vagueness of memory
to translate experience into these phonetic shapes
feels like a criminal act -
robbing the experience of something vital

"I" wonder if this dilemma also is central in
the attraction towards Performance Art
as a tool for understanding the world ?

Could this tool for expression - using BODY-TIME-SPACE
be understood as a proto-language ?
Before language became solidified into rigid structures
when there still was awareness of communication as a creative act
in both the transmitter and the receiver ?

through this language - body as interface -
we enter a dialogue beyond the confines of word based communication.
Those same WORDS -
that we use in different situations become generalisations -
forms made of forms made of forms
not being able to get at the essence of what this living "thing" IS

Action as tool for dialogue - on the other hand
has precission in its vagueness,
it has the potential to create meaning beyond the form,
and make little windows of poetic clarity in a muddled world.

Living in these times
when we as a species
seem to stumble on the symbols (words)
making sounds that separate us as BEINGS
that seem to reinforce borders and missunderstandings.
This "language-of-the-body" has the possibility
to bring us together as a species - and beyond ?

BEINGS from different parts of the globe
come together on this MOUNTAIN
without a common tongue
carrying our own heavy bagage
whether it be earths gravity or historical personal circumstance
imagery and symbolic impulse might differ
but through the works,
the timeless human drama is revealed

We take in the place
first through our eyes,
ears and nose follows
the skins contact with the morning breeze is subtle
tongue is there
we ingest the place
filter the landscape through our bowels
breathing in the molecules of the other
this information is juggled by the mind
and create experience.

In the space between our biological vehicles
and its surrounding organic matter
there is contact
the meeting creates friction,
this friction is the essence of language ?

HOMAR becomes a reMINDer
of how we ALL LIVE IN THE CENTER at all times.
on a sphere shaped planet in an infinite universe
- we have no choice.



Gustaf Broms winter solstice in the year some call 2017