ex silentio (1994-2004)

This project starts out as an exploration in how the inner experience

is a reflexion of what is outside of the body.

After spending 18 months in the Kumaon in the Indian Himalayas ( 1994-96),

sleeping under the stars, watching the clouds in the valley down below,

I realized what a tremendous impact this change in surroundings

had on my experience of REALITY. Relating to this place as living in the sky

or in the element of AIR

gave birth to the idea of exploring 5 elements in this way.

This led me to a year in WATER ( Beara Penninsula, West Cork, Ireland 1996-97),

EARTH ( Vendel, Sweden 1997-98),

FIRE (central Australia 1999).

The idea of the fifth element as consciousness

was done in the cities of New York, Delhi and Stockholm