Cyanohead 2007
videoloop 1:30 min
The sitting ( 2006-2007)
Shave head - sit down in central Stockholm rush hour for one year.

The impulse for “ the sitting” came out of the project “a walking piece”.

Even though the walk is very much an interior process,
the motivating factor is in the meeting with the outside,

the change in the surroundings, the history and memory of the places and people you meet.

During the process, it became very clear to me
that my experience was a reflection
of my thoughts and attitudes,
rather than what my senses registered.

I became interested in the use of my own body as the tool for looking at these processes,

inner outer, stillness/movement, doing/ non-doing etc

I wanted to “peel off ” the spectacular/exotic ingredients
from “the walking piece” ( the physical, foreign),
to simplify it, towards something more subtle,
and move the focus away from my own body

and try to become like a mirror

where the spectator/passerby see themselves in this figure.